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Rubber-Core Mesh and Gutta-Percha Golf Balls

The VICTOR mesh patterned replica ball for hickory golf. Approved for play at all classic hickory golf events.

Special Low Prices
whilst stocks last.

£14.55 per 3 ball sleeve
£28.50 for 6 loose
£56.00 for 12 loose

For further details please refer to item X001 on the New Mesh & Dimple Balls for Hickory Play page.

Rubber-Core Mesh and Gutta-Percha Golf Balls

The RTJ small dimple pattern replica ball for hickory golf.

Approved for play at all classic hickory golf events.

£16.00 per 3 ball sleeve
£31.50 for 6 loose
£60.00 for 12 loose

For further details please refer to item X007 on the New Mesh & Dimple Balls for Hickory Play page.

Rubber-Core Mesh and Gutta-Percha Golf Balls

The Ouimet mesh pattern replica ball approved for play at all classic hickory golf events.

£16.00 per 3 ball sleeve
£31.50 for 6 loose
£60.00 for 12 loose

For further details please refer to item X004 on the New Mesh & Dimple Balls for Hickory Play page.

ANTIQUE HICKORY GOLF CLUBS - for the serious collector and hickory player.

Welcome to Antique Hickory Golf Clubs, based near Perth in the heart of Scotland, where in 1502 King James 1V of Scotland was the first recorded named person to have played golf on or nearby the grounds of Scone Palace which was 50 years prior to people being given the right to play on the links at St. Andrews.

This site specializes in the sale of vintage hickory golf clubs produced from 1900 to 1933 by great club makers from that period such as Tom Morris, Robert Forgan, George Nicoll, Tom Stewart, William Gibson, Robert Simpson and Willie Park to name just a few. For the gentleman player there are pages dedicated to Woods, Irons, Putters and Play Sets, plus special pages for ladies and junior players. All the clubs have been beautifully restored ready to experience and enjoy playing hickory golf.

There is also a page listing rare and unusual clubs made from 1850 to 1899 for the discerning collector who just wishes to admire these items of golf history.

Accessories such as Canvas & Leather Bags, Head Covers and New Mesh & Dimple Balls are also available for hickory play.

Please scroll further down this page to view a selection of clubs that are currently available for sale.

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Antique Hickory Wooden Club
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Antique Hickory Wooden Club
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Antique Hickory Play Clubs
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All the vintage golf clubs, bags, balls, and other listed items show full details and numerous images to help assure you of the authenticity and condition of each item. Please refer to the Shipping, Payments & Returns Policy page to view all our postal rates for UK and worldwide deliveries. All items are carefully packed and can be despatched to most parts of the world including UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Asia. Please contact us for a shipment quotation should you wish to purchase more than one item at the same time before ordering the items. This will save you money.

A selection of items available from our current collection.

A rare putter in original condition. This interesting putter would make a superb display model or a wonderful gift (birthday/retirement) for the golf enthusiast. It could even still be used for play. The length is 33” (84cm).

Item P0005A       Price  £235.00

A fine brassie restored for play. Swing weight D2. Length 41" (104cm).
Item W017K    Price £123.00


Alex Patrick (Leven) 36 degree rustless Mashie c.1920

A superb rustless mashie restored for play. The swing weight is C7 and the length is 36.50” (93cm).

Item I0007B       Price  £69.00


D. Adams (Glasgow) 14 degree stripe top Brassie c.1919

An excellent brassie having a good size head. Restored for play. Swing weight D3. Length 42.50" (108cm).

Item W0005E  Price £125.00

Unknown Maker 14 degree large head Bulger Brassie c.1920

A nice unrestored bulger brassie with a stiff shaft for play.  Swing weight is D0. Length is 43” (109cm).

Item W013R       Price  £85.00


A. Patrick (Leven) 13 degree bulger-face Driver c.1920

An elegant 13 degree driver restored to play condition. Swing weight is C9. Length is 43” (109cm).

Item W027D     Price  £125.00


4 Irons + Putter LEFT HAND Gents Play Set

A fine left hand starter set. Restored for play. Good swing weights from D1 to D5. Includes two niblicks, 50 degrees and 56 degrees.

Item FPS107   Price £375.00 Sold




Joe Anderson (Perth) 14 degree 'Quiksite' large headed c.1925

A superb 14 degree brassie restored for play. The swing weight is D2.5. Length is 42.50” (108cm).

Item W010W       Price  £128.00

A rare Bobby Jones smooth faced putter. Length 33.50" (85cm).
Item P016G  Price £155.00

A superb mashie restored for play. Swing weight C8. Length 36.50" (93cm).
Item I0005C     Price £75.00

This attractive putter is suitable for play. The length is 34.25” (87cm).

Item P015P   Price  £78.00

A fine example of this sought after hickory putter. Length 33.50 (85cm).
Item P031A  £85.00

Burke Golf Company, USA. 'The End Grain' Driving Two Piece patent mallet head Putter c.1914

A highly collectable wooden head mallet style patent putter in original condition. This putter remains in play condition but would probably be best suited as a fine display item. The length is 34.75” (88cm).

       Item P001Y     Price  £295.00




Ben Sayers rustless smooth face 'Gruvsol' Benny Putter with a goose neck style hosel c.1925

A lovely example of this popular putter ready for a play. The length is 35.50”, so may suit a tall player.

Item P014K       Price  £125.00

An elegant driver restored for play. Swing weight is D1. Length is 42.75” (109cm).

His name is still visible stamped to the crown of the mid brown stained persimmon head. Adding further provenance the signature of Andrew Kirkaldy is also shown beneath the maker’s name.

Item W0001T       Price  £125.00

Ben Sayers 40 degrees rustless 'Target' Mashie c.1925

A superb mashie restored for play. The swing weight is D4 and the length measures 36.25” (92cm).

Item I008Y        Price  £69.00



Reflex Mfg Co (Cincinnati, USA) 15 deg. Bulger Brassie fitted with a special patent 'revolving grip' c.1927

A rare and collectable patent brassie in original condition having a special grip with a revolving lower section which is operated by fitting 20 separate plastic washers. The club was designed to try and stop the tightening of the player’s right hand at the top of the back swing. The length is 43” (109cm). This club is offered for Display Purposes Only.

Item W019L         Price  £185.00



Cann & Taylor LEFT HAND 'Autograph' Wry Neck Putter c.1920

A fine left handed putter restored for play. Nice head stamps. Length 34" (86cm).

Item P020F        Price  £75.00


New Canvas & Leather Pencil Bag with Single Pocket & Hood.

A new 1920's style canvas & leather bag to carry 6 to 8 clubs. Very good quality.

Item C002C         Price  £120.00


Tom Morris (St. Andrews) 14 degree Brassie with a compact head c.1910

A superb brassie by this famous club maker restored for play. The swing weight is D1 and the length is 42.25" (107cm). The head has a very nice wood grain pattern clearly stamped with the makers name.

Item W029C          Price  £125.00

Alex Patrick (Leven) Gun Metal Mallet Head Putter with steel face insert c.1900

A fine putter very similar in style to the Anderson 'Zozo' model. Original condition. The length is 34” (86cm).

Item P010K          Price  £125.00

Standard Golf Co. The Mills Y.S. model long-nose Putter c.1905

A very rare alloy head putter first produced in 1899. Few of these putters have been found in good condition.

Item P0003A  £155.00

5 x Iron Ladies Play Set

A very nice of irons, four by the same club maker Trueline. Fully restored ready for play. Includes a 55 degree Niblick (Sand Wedge). Fitted with matching deep pink hide grips.

Item FPS108   Price £375.00




A varied selection covering golf humour, history, how to improve your game, statistics and records, and other interesting topics relating to the game of golf. The collection includes some rare titles.

To view the book selection, please click on the Arts, Books & Memorabilia link shown within the main menu. Scroll down the page to find the books.





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