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Rubber-Core Mesh and Gutta-Percha Golf Balls

The VICTOR mesh patterned replica ball for hickory golf. Approved for play at all classic hickory golf events.

Special Low Prices
whilst stocks last.

£14.55 per 3 ball sleeve
£28.50 for 6 loose
£56.00 for 12 loose

For further details please refer to item X001 on the New Mesh & Dimple Balls for Hickory Play page.

Rubber-Core Mesh and Gutta-Percha Golf Balls

The RTJ small dimple pattern replica ball for hickory golf.

Approved for play at all classic hickory golf events.

£16.00 per 3 ball sleeve
£31.50 for 6 loose
£60.00 for 12 loose

For further details please refer to item X007 on the New Mesh & Dimple Balls for Hickory Play page.

Rubber-Core Mesh and Gutta-Percha Golf Balls

The Ouimet mesh pattern replica ball approved for play at all classic hickory golf events.

£16.00 per 3 ball sleeve
£31.50 for 6 loose
£60.00 for 12 loose

For further details please refer to item X004 on the New Mesh & Dimple Balls for Hickory Play page.


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John Charles Jacobs (I.O.W.) straight blade Putter with concentric back and fitted with a brass face insert c.1900
Product ID: P0006A


A very rare and unusual putter fitted with a brass face insert. This club has been restored ready for play or would make a fine display item. The length is 33.75” (86cm).

John Charles Jacobs was born on the Isle of Wight in 1867. Before taking up golf seriously as a professional he first trained as a coach builder and no doubt his wood working skills will have helped him to produce quality golf clubs when joining the Royal Isle of Wight Golf Club in 1892. When he joined the club, Archie Simpson was the professional who will have helped Jacobs with the art of club making. Simpson departed soon after and Jacobs took up the position as the professional. He was not known as a top player but gained a reputation for producing unusual clubs made to a high standard. A number of his clubs, including this putter, were patented for their design.  Other stamps show the ‘Crescent Moon’ cleekmark used by James Gourlay who will have supplied the head, and Warranted Hand Forged.

Price: £155.00
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Ernest Sales (Sunningdale) Gassiat style rectangular persimmon wood Putter with pistol grip c.1928
Product ID: P001W


An immaculate Gassiat style wooden head putter beautifully restored will now make a marvellous display club. The original Gassiat model was often referred to as ‘the piano putter’. The length is 34.25” (87cm).

Ernest Sales was the professional and club maker from 1926 to 1933. He took over the position from Jack White (Open Champion) who had held the same position since 1901. He ran the workshop with his two sons and was renowned for his quality workmanship. His name is still visible to the crown of the head and also on the shaft beneath the pistol grip. The thin aiming line between his name and Sunningdale is original, not added at a later date.

This club is for display only.

Price: £285.00
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Silver Dint Long-Nose style Patent Putter c.1920
Product ID: P002X


A beautiful example of this rare putter having been sympathetically restored can now be used for either display or play. The length is 34” (86cm).

The Silver Dint patent woods and putters were the creation of Mr Weager, Malvern, Worcestershire and were produced at the ‘Dint’ Patent Golf Club Company Ltd, Redland Works, Malvern Link. They produced drivers, brassies, spoons and a baffy model plus a Dint putter. The patent was for the one piece face insert and sole plate made from German Silver.

Price: £225.00
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E & A. Noirit (Walsall) bladed alloy head Putter with lead face insert c.1915
Product ID: P004S


An unusual and rare alloy putter having a lead face insert. Restored, this club is now ready for play. Length 34.50” (88cm).

The rear of the head has an ‘angular’ shape from the top edge to the bottom edge with sloping edges at both the toe and heel ends. The makers name is stamped to the sole. They were a very small club maker based in Walsall, near to Birmingham, U.K.

Price: £120.00
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William Oke (Fulwell) straight blade Putter with extra long slender hosel. c.1925
Product ID: P005X


A superb, rare and very attractive putter with the main feature being the 7.25” (18cm) long slender hosel. The club has been restored for play or will make a fine display item. The club measures 33.50 (85cm).

William George Oke was born in Norham, Devon in 1892. He became the professional-club maker at Honor Oak & Forest Hill G.C from 1914-20 before moving to Fulwell G.C. in 1921-32 where this club was made. His cleekmark was an Oak tree and he registered the name Oak Brand golf clubs as a trademark in 1923. The head is stamped with his name, the cleekmark and his registration number 680298. There is also a number 2 stamped at the toe end.

Price: £128.00
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Spalding 'Chicopee' centre shaft, smooth face, gun metal Putter c.1920
Product ID: P007R


A nice example of this popular Spalding centre shafted putter. Totally original this club remains in full play condition. The length is 34.50” (88cm).

The makers name and model name are both clearly stamped to the sole.

Price: £125.00
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Anderson & Blyth (St. Andrews) late scare neck long-nose Putter c.1900
Product ID: P008N


A fabulous late scare neck long-nose putter has been restored to a very high standard is now ready to use for display or play. The length is 34.50” (88cm).

The elegant long head is made from apple wood with the makers name clearly stamped to the crown and also to the shaft just below the original hide grip.

Price: £365.00
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Standard Golf Co. The New Mills-Ray Model Medium Lie alloy head Putter c.1910
Product ID: P009S


A fine example of this popular alloy head putter in good condition ready for play.  The club measures 34” (86cm).

The ‘terraced top’ head has very clear stamps showing the makers name and both the registration and patent numbers.

Price: £68.00
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Alex Patrick (Leven) Gun Metal Mallet Head Putter with steel face insert c.1900
Product ID: P010K


A fine gun metal mallet head putter by this famous maker in original condition. The length is 34” (86cm). The style is very similar to the Anderson ‘Zozo’ model. This club can be used for play or would make a great display model.

The head has numerous dint marks but this is typical for old gun metal putters because head covers were rarely used to protect club heads so the soft gun metal suffered when metal irons were thrown into the bag. His name stamp is clearly visible on the head with Leven shown below.

Price: £125.00
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Wm. Gibson (Kinghorn) Brown-Vardon Mallet Head style Putter with a sloping back and oval hosel c.1915
Product ID: P011P


A superb Brown-Vardon shallow faced mallet style putter in original condition with a sloping back. The sole is stamped Medium Lie. The length is 33.75” (86cm).

The club was designed by both Harry Vardon and his friend Arthur Brown, their names are also stamped to the head. William Gibson of Kinghorn was commissioned to make the club, his famous ‘Star’ cleekmark is also stamped to the crown of the head. So this club has wonderful provenance.

Price: £125.00
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David McEwan (Birkdale) wooden Mallet Head style Putter c.1900
Product ID: P013G


A superb rare mallet style head putter with the head  having a sharp ‘crease’ leading from the front of the hosel along the top of the head with slopes leading from this crease towards the face and to the rear of the head. This putter is totally original and remains in very good condition. A truly wonderful display club or could even be used for play if a very light feeling putter is your preference. This club would also make a very nice gift/prize for a golf enthusiast. The length is 33.75” (86cm).

David McEwan was a member of the famous McEwan club making family. Born in 1875, the 4th of five sons to Peter McEwan, he trained in the family business before joining Formby G.C. in Lancashire, England in 1889 where he stayed until 1898 when he moved to nearby Royal Birkdale G.C. where he remained until 1930.

Price: £165.00
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Ben Sayers rustless smooth face 'Gruvsol' Benny Putter with a goose neck style hosel c.1925
Product ID: P014K


A very nice example of this much sought after putter ready for a play set. The length is 35.50”, so may suit a tall player.

The head has great stamp markings showing the makers name, his ‘Robin’ cleekmark, Patent No.244928, Benny Putter Registration, Made in Scotland Hand Forged. The sole has the patented ‘Gruvsol’ ridges.

Price: £128.00
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Spalding 'Kro Flite' R.T.J. signature Calamity Jane smooth face Wry Neck Putter c.1925
Product ID: P016G


A rare Robert (Bobby) Trent Jones signature Calamity Jane Putter made by A.G. Spalding and stamped with their Kro-Flite cleekmark. This club has been restored to play condition. The length is 33.50” (85cm).

The head is clearly shows the signature and Calamity Jane.

Price: £165.00
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Spalding Kro-Flite RTJ 'Calamity Jane' smooth faced bent neck Putter c.1925
Product ID: P018K


A beautiful example of the Spalding RTJ (Robert Trent Jones) ‘Calamity Jane’ Kro-Flite Putter. Fully restored including three bands of whipping around the shaft as originally fitted. The length is 33.50” (85cm).

The head has very clear markings to include the makers name and model name. The sole is stamped ‘Made in USA’.

Price: £155.00
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Cann & Taylor Left Hand 'Autograph' Wry Neck 'Accurate' Putter c.1920
Product ID: P020F


A fine left handed wry neck putter restored to play condition. The length is 34” (86cm).

The head shows the Cann & Taylor name and their ‘Fliwheel’ cleekmark. Other stamps show the signature of J.H. Taylor, the five times Open Champion, the model name ‘Accurate’ and the registration number allocated to the name ‘Autograph.

Price: £85.00
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Leather Waistcoat with gentleman hickory player motifs.
Product ID: Z030


A rare item of hickory golf attire. This attractive waistcoat has a leather front and a silk type fabric for the rear.

The leather is printed with gentleman golfers wearing different styles of clothing from the hickory era. The makers label shows ‘Bobby Jones’.

Price: £125.00
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