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Rubber-Core Mesh and Gutta-Percha Golf Balls

The VICTOR mesh patterned replica ball for hickory golf. Approved for play at all classic hickory golf events.

Special Low Prices
whilst stocks last.

£14.55 per 3 ball sleeve
£28.50 for 6 loose
£54.60 for 12 loose

For further details please refer to item X001 on the New Mesh & Dimple Balls for Hickory Play page.

Rubber-Core Mesh and Gutta-Percha Golf Balls

The RTJ small dimple pattern replica ball for hickory golf.

Approved for play at all classic hickory golf events.

£14.95 per 3 ball sleeve
£28.50 for 6 loose
£54.00 for 12 loose

For further details please refer to item X007 on the New Mesh & Dimple Balls for Hickory Play page.

Rubber-Core Mesh and Gutta-Percha Golf Balls

The Ouimet mesh pattern replica ball approved for play at all classic hickory golf events.

£16.00 per 3 ball sleeve
£31.50 for 6 loose
£61.80 for 12 loose

For further details please refer to item X004 on the New Mesh & Dimple Balls for Hickory Play page.


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Blacksmith General Iron c.1870
Product ID: I030A


A fine example of an 1870’s blacksmith general iron carefully restored for display purposes ONLY due to a slight crack in the shaft which is covered by the thick hide grip. The slightly concave face has about 40 degrees of loft. The swing weight is E2 and the length is 38” (96.50cm).

The large blade/hosel has been cleaned and remains tight to the thick shaft.  The blade measures nearly 4.25” (11cm) from toe to heel along the rear and the fabulous thick hosel measures 4.50” (11cm) with uneven knurling (teeth) around the top, typical of irons made during this period.

Price: 145.00
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Tom Morris (St. Andrews) elongated stained Beechwood mallet head socket joint Putter c.1895
Product ID: P004P


A fabulous very early stained Beechwood socket head putter by this famous club maker has been restored back to play condition or would make a superb display club. The length is 36” (91cm).

The makers name is still clearly visible across the crown of the head.

Price: 495.00
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H.A. Scott scare-neck set back mallet head style Putter with oval shaft c.1895
Product ID: P006V


A very unusual large mallet head style scare-neck putter restored for play or display. This putter has a solid feeling with the swing weight registering E1. The length is 36.50” (93cm).

The makers name H.A. Scott is stamped to the crown of the head.

Price: 185.00
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George Brews (Royal Blackheath) Long-Nose Scare Neck dark stained beech wood Putter c.1890
Product ID: P009L


A magnificent long-nose putter in totally original condition showing the makers name stamped to the crown with a Masonic symbol shown beneath. The length of the putter is 34” (86cm).

George Brews was the professional-club maker at Royal Blackheath from 1890 to 1902. He was an original member of the PGA. Royal Blackheath is the oldest golf club formed outside of Scotland, official records show the date as 1766 although earlier dates have been put forward such as 1608 when it is said that Prince Henry, son of James 1 (James V1 Scotland) played golf in Greenwich. George Brews also made Samuel Ryder’s first putter.

Price: 325.00
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James Anderson (Anstruther) Gun Metal Straight Blade Putter with Greenheart shaft c.1885.
Product ID: P012M


An exceptionally nice early gun metal putter by James Anderson retaining the fabulous original thick hide grip over under-listing. A wonderful display model or gift for the golf enthusiast. The club measures 33.75” (86cm).

The head is simply stamped with the 5/8” Anderson Anstruther cleekmark used from around 1880 onwards until around 1900 when a dual circle mark was introduced.

Price: 125.00
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Samuel Ryder authentic handmade REPLICA scare-neck Putter c.2000
Product ID: P020D


You are now viewing the authentic replica of Samuel Ryder’s putter, the original one is on display at the Verulum Golf Club, St. Albans, England.

The maker of this beautiful replica putter was asked to produce as near as possible an exact copy to the original club using the same materials, specification and worn appearance. The original club was made by George Brews who was the professional-club maker at the Royal Blackheath G.C. from 1890 to 1902. It is believed that the original club dates back to the early 1890’s.

Price: 435.00
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Unknown Maker Smooth Face Gun Metal Straight Blade Putter c.1890
Product ID: P030A


A nice old heavy gun metal smooth faced straight blade putter sympathetically restored for display or could be used for play. The length is 35.50” (90cm) which is typical for putters made before 1900.

The head and hosel show numerous dint marks where other clubs have obviously come into contact whilst in the bag or quite often these old putters would be used off the green for chipping so possibly some of the dint marks have been caused by small stones.

Price: 75.00
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George Bussey (London) straight blade brass Putter with patent steel hosel and Bussey grip c.1895
Product ID: P031A


A very fine example of this rare and collectable putter in total original condition. The length is 33.50” (85cm).

The head is clearly stamped with the makers name, their GGB Arrow cleekmark and the words Patent Steel Socket.

Price: 220.00
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The 'Park' line cut replica Gutta-Percha ball for playing pre 1900 hickory golf @
Product ID: X010


The ‘Park’ line cut Gutta Percha ball is handmade using the same production methods as applied by the ball makers 150 years ago so that today’s hickory player can enjoy and appreciate how golf was played during the period from 1850 to 1900 when playing with pre 1900 clubs such a transitional woods and smooth faced irons. The ball is presented in a box with an information sheet.This ball is made from imported 'synthetic' gutta percha developed to produce the same feel as natural Gutta Percha which has now become a scarce commodity and therefore too expensive to use for golf balls. The natural version is the sap of the Palaquium genus of tropical tree that is mainly found in Southeast Asia, e.g. the Malaysian Sopadilla tree. The word ‘gutta-percha’ comes from the plant’s name in Malay, getah-perca, which translated means percha sap.

For enquires from USA & Canada please contact us BEFORE ordering.

Price: 12.00
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